Did you spend the valentine's day all by yourself eating junk food and dreaming about finding love? Are you looking forward to meeting new friends to share your Erasmus with? We got you! The only thing you have to do is to take part in our next Online Speed Dating event ! Chat in pairs without seeing the face of your partner until you find out with whom you were talking! At the end of this event we guarantee that you will either have a date or new friends Keep in mind to respect your partner and make them feel comfortable HOW DOES IT WORK? Get into a Google Meet using the same nickname as in the form below and meet your e-partner! Each "date" lasts for 5 minutes! You have these 5 minutes to chat with your e-partner so as to get you know each other better! Keep your camera switched off for 3 minutes and after that switch it on and find out how your secret partner looks NAME-AGE-COUNTRY-FAVORITE HOBBY and many more questions freely allowed! Feel free and creative to ask whatever you want! BE careful, after 5 minutes you are responsible for how to meet him/her again, BECAUSE RIIIIING and you are out of this room. Next room, next e-partner! So it's up to you to gain all the personal information needed for the person you are interested in before the time is up! HOW DO I SIGN UP Sign up filling this form: https://esnthessaloniki.gr/speed-dating... A couple of hours before the event, you will receive an email with further information about this event. During your “dates”, simply head to the form that you’ll receive and select who’s a “yes”, “friendzoned” or a “no” and afterwards you will be notified of your matches Dresscode: DRESS TO IMPRESS YOU DON’T WANNA MISS IT! When: Wednesday, 24/02/2021 21.00 Where: Google Meet (link to be announced ) ----------------------- Please note: This event was organized by members of ESN UOM Thessaloniki, ESN AUTH and ESN IHU Thessaloniki to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life! All ESN events are non-profit and are organized by students for students on a voluntary basis ESN carries no responsibility in case of damage caused to oneself, third parties, any person or things which might occur in the activity’s context or in any other initiative developed by the above mentioned association.

24/02/2021 - 19:00