Types of accommodation

  • University accommodation

Unfortunately, not all universities in Thessaloniki offer accomodation for Erasmus Students.
UOM offers accommodation to its students (Student Dormitory) for a small price (5€/month), but it's far from the city center and from the University building. You would have to wait and submit a form in the beginning of the semester to get a room there and it might take a while until you get accepted. You'll find the form posted by the Student Welfare Department. You should contact them in order to find more information. (Their email is [email protected]).

  • Rooms & Apartments

The majority of students rent an apartment or a room in the center of the city. This goes also for IHU students as transportation towards their faculties is equally convenient and they get to enjoy the benefits of living in the city center.

Finding an apartment is a hard task made easy thanks to our Accommodation in Thessaloniki facebook group.

It’s a facebook group for all the international students who are coming to Thessaloniki and are trying to find a great place to house the beautiful Erasmus moments they are about to experience!

The purpose of the group is to assist you and all the Erasmus students who are looking for accommodation in Thessaloniki.

This group features:

  • Ads from people who are renting or looking for a place to stay during their Erasmus in Thessaloniki

  • Interactive Housing evaluation using a digital map

  • Opportunities to interact with others (looking for a flatmate? Or some tips from the previous tenants?)

  • Useful tips for Tax registration (in order to sign a legal contract with the landlord)

  • Useful tips to avoid scamming

Please note that for any transaction is being made in this group, ESN is not responsible.

This group was created by members of ESN AUTH, ESN UOM Thessaloniki and ESN IHU to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life!

All ESN activities are non-profit and are organised by students for students on a voluntary basis.


  • Rent with flatmates. It’s cheaper, way more fun and convenient in plenty of ways. Worst case scenario, you don’t interact much; but remember, Erasmus is all about learning and challenging yourself, and from what we’ve heard Erasmus flatmates are some of the closest bonds one can create.

  • Beware of the prices. Usually a shared apartment should be around 250- 300 euros per person, bills included. Make sure the price of the apartment corresponds to the comforts it offers ex. big space, recently renovated, walking distance from the university, safe neighbourhood etc.

  • We wouldn’t recommend renting an apartment without checking it in person first. If it’s stressing you out or you are arriving late, you can always ask the owner to send you videos or extra material.

  • We wouldn’t recommend renting without a contract, as you could be scammed. In fact, we recommend getting every document of proof you can, as you never know when you might need it.

  • Don’t transfer money to unknown sources. We recommend doing as much research as you can and making your exchanges through an agency, if possible. You can always ask in the facebook group for information on how previous Erasmus students handled certain situations.

  • Usually a deposit of one or two rents in advance is required. Depending on what you’ll agree with the owner, you’ll either don’t pay the last remaining rents or get the amount back at the last days of your stay.

Flat Rental Guidelines

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