Health and Well-being Week was organised for the first time by the Erasmus Student Network from the 21st to the 27th of October in 2019, a week based on one of the most significant causes of ESN: the health and well being cause. Since then, every year there is one week focused mainly on that cause, surrounded by amazing activities, physically and online!
During this week, ESN promotes the health and well-being cause. A lot of sections organise great activities focusing on sports, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, responsible party, mental health. Many ESN sections also create Social Media campaigns on health and well-being, organise online quizzes and contests to engage their followers in the topic and share useful lifestyle tips.
So, one week dedicated specifically to this cause, with common branding, enhance the impact of our actions and make us stronger together by showing both local people and international students that they can adopt a healthy lifestyle while being on an exchange.
During this week, except of the healthy cooking with your flatmate Instagram contest, we have also prepared some healthy tips for all of us to follow and we will post them to our Instagram stories (@esnauth, @esn_uom_thessaloniki and @esnihuthessaloniki) the following days so stay tuned and healthy