Welcome to Thessaloniki, where your best experiences await!
Navigating a new city solo can be challenging, but fear not – ESN Thessaloniki has something very special for you!
Our #thesserasmus Welcome Month is brimming with exciting events and activities crafted to unveil the city's hidden gems, unite you with fellow Erasmus students, and kickstart your semester in the most spectacular way possible!

The events:
Welcome to Greece - 13/02
Explonica by night - 15/02
Welcome to Greece - 15/02
Welcome to Greece - 16/02 (only for AUTH students)
City game - 18/02
Speed friending - 19/02
Taverna night - 21/02
Famous couples party - 21/02
Explonica: Food edition - 23/02
Edessa and Pozar trip - 25/02
Introduction to the Gym - 27/02
Cultural Trails: Gallerian complex - 01/03
Vergina & Naousa Trip - 03/03
Cultural Trails: White tower 05/03
Tsiknothursday - 07/03
Cultural Trails: Upper city 09/03
St. Patrick's Day 13/03
The spring trip 16-18/03

Get ready to make Thessaloniki your home!

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ESN Thessaloniki
Please note:
This event was organized by members of ESN AUTH,ESN IHU and ESN UOM Thessaloniki to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life!
All ESN events are non-profit and are organized by students for students on a voluntary basis.
ESN carries no responsibility in case of damage caused to oneself, third parties, any person or things which might occur in the activity’s context or in any other initiative developed by the above mentioned association. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to dangers for you and your surrounding. In case you experience any inappropriate behaviour during ESN events , you can report it and seek help to ESN volunteers .
The events will be photo and video recorded. When attending this event you agree on the collection and on the processing of your personal data and on the publication of the photos and video recordings.
The events publication of the recordings will be on a publicly available website.
The consent to the processing of Data may be revoked by sending an email at the DPO of ESN Greece ([email protected])